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#1 I’ve been running for months now. When I started, I hated it. I couldn’t imagine how anyone kept at it, or how anyone managed to run more than 5 minutes at a time. But I kept at it and little by little it got under my skin. After a few weeks I was hooked: inside and out. My body needed running, my mind and soul needed it, too. This past spring semester was incredibly stressful and I got through it in large part because of running. I’d run after work, my feet pounding the pavement, and I’d leave all the stress behind in my wake. Running kept me sane.

Which is why I feel betrayed by my body now. Two weeks ago I pulled something in my hip area but ignored it. I ran with the injury for two weeks, until my last run on Saturday morning. I couldn’t ignore the pain anymore. I managed 4 miles but had to hobble from the greenway trail to my front door. I felt like crying. Oh wait, I did cry.

I’m happy to say I went from the gloom-and-doom feeling of “I’ll never run again” to realizing that I just need to give my body a break. I’m going to try a two-week hiatus from running, and go back to the aquatic center for laps. Maybe I’ll be able to get back into running before the two weeks are up, maybe I’ll need more time. But I know if I want to run again, I need to take the break and let this injury heal.


#2 Maybe, given this hiatus from running, I should have waited a few weeks before sending those agent query letters. I’ve sent eight, and received four rejections, and one request for the full manuscript. When I came down (crashed down) from the cloud of giddy joy about the manuscript request, I began to realize that the odds of that agent signing me are pretty slim. It was nice this weekend to take a break from the waiting, worrying, and chronic e-mail checking. Now it will all start up again this Monday and I’ll have to work hard to keep the anxious stress at bay.


I posted these a few years ago, on my old blog, not long after the shooting at VA Tech. I thought about these photos again, when I heard about the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

My kids are older now, but I love the hope in their young faces, the promise they carry with them.

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