I love doing guest posts for Superstition Review. This is only my second one, but I really needed the kick in the pants the deadline provided. I’ve had so many different emotions swirling around inside of me since we got back from Greece in July, and I just haven’t had an outlet for them. I think I haven’t been able to sort them out and stand back enough in my head to figure out what to say about everything. So when the email inviting me to write another guest post popped up in my inbox I didn’t hesitate to say “yes”. I’ve found that the best way for me to get some writing done is just to, well, actually do it, and be accountable for it.

I am a very deadline-driven person. When I was pushing to get the rough draft of my novel finished before we left for Greece, I marked specific word count deadlines in my iPad calendar so that I would be accountable for them. I developed this technique back in graduate school, when the end-of-semester found me trying to write 3 or 4 30-page seminar papers almost all at once. I marked the page goals on a paper calendar, and more or less stuck to them.

It’s funny how this strategy didn’t work for my dissertation, but it didn’t. I think if I were to try and finish it now I would, because I have become much more focused now that the kids are older. Back when I was struggling to wrap up the final two chapters of the dissertation I had a very young baby who needed surgery at 6 months of age, and a very needy 3-year old. Somehow, marking deadlines on a calendar really wasn’t in the cards.

Anyway, a long-winded introduction to the guest post. Here it is: