I’ve spent the last two weeks elbow-deep in the edits my agent sent me and I’ve had a blast doing them! I’ve discovered that I really like the revision process. It helps that the bulk of the revisions involve character development, which is super fun to do. I spent the first two days after I received her notes processing the edits and the direction they would go. I read a ton about the revision process, and let that information percolate. There is so much great advice out there, and so many writers have different strategies to share — my advice would be to take what you feel will work. I felt overwhelmed at first by the advice , and worried that because I wasn’t doing x, y, or z that I was not revising correctly, but then I had to let go of that worry so I could move forward. There is no ONE revision strategy. After I had processed her suggestions, I took her edit letter and marked off which chunks of test I would tackle first. I numbered them 1-4, marked deadlines on my calendar, and set to work.

The timing was perfect because Fall Break fell on this past Friday and on Monday, so I had two days of some solid, uninterrupted writing time. I accomplished a tremendous amount on Friday, then Saturday had a so-so day. I should know better than to try and write while kids are pulling me (mentally and physically) in different directions. There’s nothing more frustrating then trying to work through the creative process while being constantly interrupted. I also did an 11-mile training run in the morning and that kind of kicked my butt. I think I needed to eat more during the week, because while I did manage to run the whole 11 miles, I felt pretty beat up after. I was happy to see how quickly I rebounded physically, though.  Last year, when I was training for the same 1/2 marathon, a run that distance would’ve left me sore for at least two days. Lately, I am sore the day of, but feel better the next day. I ran on Monday and Tuesday, too, and felt good.

I also did a ton of research on Saturday about a popular social networking site out there that has contributed to horrific cyber bullying. I signed up for an account about a week ago, and it was depressing to scroll through pages belonging to kids and see all the hideousness that is out there. Yuck. I had to sort all of that out in my mind before I could sit down and weave it coherently into the story.

On Sunday I had a crisis of confidence about my revisions so far. What if they’re all crap? What if I send the MS to my agent and she emails me saying, “oh, this has all been a huge mistake. I can’t sell this for you!”? 

Sunday night I reworked the intro pages several times and none of it felt right AT ALL. Finally, before bed, some light in my head clicked on (unusual for me for that time of the day, I’ll tell you), and I saw how the intro pages needed to go. Hooray!

On Monday I felt better again, and in love with everything I’ve done so far.

Ditto Tuesday– thank goodness. I spent a fun hour doing a search and replace for the word ‘”just” — a word which apparently I JUST couldn’t stop using. Ugh.

Today I’m taking a break from the MS (stopping on a high note is the way to go!) because I have too much class prep (reading up on the Anna Johnson surrogacy case from 1990 for Gender Studies) and student meetings. My husband is printing out a hard copy of the MS for me today, so I will begin reading it tomorrow. I’ve read the whole thing through several times on my Kindle app, but I want to look at the actual, pages-in-the-hand version.