Blogging saved my writing self. I started a blog back in 2004, when my son was four years old, and my daughter only a few months old. I don’t know why I started blogging. I had been following other people’s blogs for some time, and reading about what other women were going through — how they were juggling mothering and everything else life threw at them at once — those stories inspired me, and made feel less alone. We hadn’t been in North Carolina long at that point, and I was still feeling so cut-off, and like a fish out of water; Raleigh just wasn’t fitting me the way life in upstate New York had fit. I craved the voices of other writer-mothers, and the more I read the more I thought: let me do this. I can do this. I needed to throw a rope out to myself, because at that point in my life, there were times when I really felt I was drowning. I told myself that keeping a blog would hold me accountable. I would write often, and in doing so perhaps my writing muscle would become more defined again — the way it had been back when I was in graduate school.

It worked. I loved my blog — World of One Thousand Different Things — and I built up a wonderful readership and so valued being a part of that community. After I got my job as a paid blogger for The Family Education Network I shut down my blog, and let it go. I was busy having to write a post/day five days/week for Family Education, and that took up all my creative juices. A few months ago I tried to find my old blog, but I used the Blogger platform and I can’t seem to find my way back in again. It’s sad: to think about my words floating out there in some nowhere land, but there’s nothing I can do about that now.

All this to say that this is why I have gone back in and renamed this blog — as a nod to my other one, the one that started it all. I don’t need the rope anymore, but I still remember what it felt like to grab a hold of it.